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Dietrich Buxtehude: Das Jüngste Gericht

Knabensolisten vom Thomanerchor Leipzig und Knabenchor Berlin;
Alexander Schneider, Altus; Jan Kobow, Tenor;
Friedemann Klos, Bass; Gotthold Schwarz, Bass;
"construmenti", Leitung: Klaus Eichhorn


amb 96886
EAN 4011392968867

Dietrich Buxtehude (1637-1707)Das Jüngste Gericht
"Wacht! Euch zum Streit gefasset macht"
Oratorium in 3 Akten

In the Düben Collection at Uppsala University Library there are 120 pages forming a monumentual work of which only parts exist and which does not carry the name of a composer. Today there is a general acceptance that Dietrich Buxtehude was the composer of the oratorio, but it remains impossible to prove beyond dispute.
The difficulties in placing the work in a context may be one reason why this fascinating piece has remained in relative obscurity. This recording is an attempt to make the work available to a wider public for the first time.