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Beethoven and the Grand Piano of the future

Mathias Weber performing on the Paulello grand piano opus 102


amb 96889
EAN 4011392968898

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): Sonate Nr. 21 Op. 53 C-major „Waldsteinsonate“ with the Andante favori
Sonate Nr.22 Op. 54 F-major
Sonate Nr.23 Op. 57 F-minor „Appassionata“

Beethoven and the Piano of the Future
Had Beethoven in his days known about the existence of a piano like Stephen Paulello’s Grand op. 102 he might most probably have wanted to own one, all the more as he tended to find fault with the instruments he had at his disposal. – Considering his late works, namely his pianistic oeuvre, it becomes acoustically obvious that due to his progressing deafness he more or less composed on a merely theoretical base benefiting from the rich source of his musical and emotional memory. The little he could hear though seems to have been so acoustically restricted that he favoured robust instruments that despite their volume were able to represent each chord or melodic line in an absolute clarity without any dynamic shortcomings.
Paulello’s op. 102, equipped with a compass of 102 keys, a free-swinging soundboard without a bridge locking to the strings but an agraffe sideways attached to the soundboard, with a reliable action and pedal work, a parallel stringing avoiding the mashing of tones and the light cast-iron frame guarantees an enormous dynamic range seemingly without any restrictions and a high definition clarity of sound.
Mathias Weber as a prolific and experienced performer on both modern pianos and historic ‘Erard’ grands, is interpreting Beethoven’s ‘Appassionata’ and his ‘Waldstein’ Sonata with the ‘Andante favori’ on this Paulello piano in such an extraordinarily convincing way that by means of this instrument he brilliantly manages to represent the composer’s ideas adequately. No doubt, he perfectly succeeds in making the tonal fabric of Beethoven’s opp. 53, 54 and 57 as transparent as hardly ever before while enriching the music by an unheard spectrum of colours. – The recording of Weber’s interpretation of the Beethoven sonatas on the Paulello grand, released on the ambitus label, is a must-have for any connoisseur seeking the particular and outstanding among the various interpretations of Beethoven’s sonatas on behalf of this year’s 250th anniversary of the composer.
Jens Erbrich