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Organ treasures in “Altes Land” (II)

Martin Böcker, organ
Arp-Schnitger-organ (1690) in St. Mauritius, Hollern


amb 96962
EAN 4011392969628

Vincent Lübeck (1654 - 1740) Praeambulum in G
Georg Böhm (1661 - 1733) Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr
Camphuysen Manuscript (1652) Psalm 8 (3 Versus)
Godt schiep den Mens vol Eere
Daphne (3 Variationen)
Anthoni van Noordt (1625 -1675) Psalm 24 (3 Versus)
John Blow (1649 - 1708) Voluntary for single organ
Vers for the double organ
Frei Roque da Conceição (um 1695) Obra de 1° ton
Sammlung Fray Martin y Coll Differencias sobre la gayta
Polnische Tänze (17. Jahrhundert) 8 Tänze
Christian Ritter (1645/50 -1725) Sonatina in d-Moll
Johann Anton Coberg (1650 -1708) Fuga in d-Moll
Johann Bernhard Bach (1676 - 1749) Partita über "Du Friedefürst, Herr Jesu Christ"
Anonymus (Hamburg, Anfang 18. Jh.) Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr
Vincent Lübeck (1654 – 1740) Chacon

Music from those various countries to whom Master Arpen delivered the organs

The idea came into being during the planning of the festivities following the inauguration of the restored Schnitger organ in St. Mauritius, Hollern. Within the framework of a concert, the idea was to let the music from those areas of Europe be heard to where Arp Schnitger delivered his organs, music by the organ builder's contemporaries. The decision to make the first CD-recording after the restoration along the lines of the programme of the festive concert was thus close at hand.