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Night music

Martin Sturm
The three organs at the former Monastery Church of Ebrach


amb 96974
EAN 4011392969741

Martin Sturm (*1992): Phantasie & Tripel-Fuge (Improvisation)
Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706): Aria Sebaldina (aus "Hexachordum Apollinis")
Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951): Zwei Fragmente einer Sonate für Orgel
Georg Muffat (1653-1704): Toccata quinta (aus "Apparatus musico-organisticus")
Martin Sturm: Notturno (aus "Liturgie eines Einsamen", 2018)
Martin Sturm: Capriccio auff die Morgenglockn (Improvisation)

The former Monastery Church of Ebrach, in Upper Franconia, is a jewel of exceptional historical, architectural and acoustical value. It is especially celebrated for the high quality of its organs. In addition to the large main organ built by the Eisenbarth company in 1982, which replaced a late romantic instrument by the Steinmeyer company from 1902, the church houses a couple of historical choir organs of exceptional sound and build quality that stem from the workshop of Frankfurt organ builder Johann Christian Köhler. This unique pair of instruments was restored extensively in 2012 by the Klais organ building company, based in Bonn.
Deeply rooted in the South German baroque aesthetic, Köhler's instruments, built in 1753 (Epistle organ) and 1759/60 (Gospel organ), respectively, point to a long tradition of Bohemian, Italian and French influences. They combine a playful love of experimentation, a virtuosity in the disposition and a distinctive and expressive approach to voicing, to form a masterwork of the Empfindsam period.