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Spectacular Farewell
Musik of the late 18th Century for one and two harpsichords

Lisa Schäfer & Gregor Hollmann, harpsichord


amb 96984
EAN 4011392969840

Muzio Clementi (1752 –1832): Duett B–Dur (op.1a) for two harpsichords
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 -1791): Sonate B–Dur (KV 358) for harpsichord four hands
Muzio Clementi: Sonate F–Dur (op.1) for harpsichord
Georg Joseph (Abbé) Vogler (1749 –1814): Sonate B–Dur for two harpsichords
Muzio Clementi: Fuge h–moll (op.5) for harpsichord
Johann Christian Bach (1735 -1782): Duett A-Dur (op.18,5) for harpsichord four hands

Clementi and Harpsichord?
For the first time on CD: works by Muzio Clementi and Abbé Vogler for both one and two harpsichords, which is supplemented by Joh. Chr. Bach and W. A. Mozart's harpsichord duets. This CD impressively demonstrates the diverse use of the harpsichord close to the end of its era, ranging from counterpoint, empfindsam style, galant style to the early classical keyboard sonata. This is a unique and fascinating overview of brilliant works late in the era of the harpsichord.