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The lute by Joseph Hellmer
italian lute music arround 1600

Sigrun Richter, lute (Joseph Hellmer, Füssen 1601)


amb 96978
EAN 4011392969789

Da un Codice del ‘600: Villanella
Alfonso Ferrabosco (1543 – 1588): Pavana

Aus Vincenzo Galilei Intavolatura di Liuto,
1563 u. 1584:
- Vincenzo Galilei (1520 – 1591): Calliope
- Francesco da Milano (1497 – 1543): Ricercare
Fantasia No. 2 (aus da Intavolatura de Leuto, 1545)
- Santino Garsi da Parma (1542 – 1604): Gagliarda Santino

Aus J.B. Besard, Thesaurus Harmonicus (1603):
- Lorenzino Tracetti (c. 1552-1590): Preludio

MS. Kremsmünster, L. 81:

”Aria di Fiorenza”
Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (1575 – 1650): Toccata II
Gagliarda III
Toccata VII
Alessandro Piccinini (1560 – 1638): Ciaccona
Pierre Gaultier (1599 – nach 1660): Battaglia

The only (known) surviving lute by Joseph Hellmer, Füssen, 1601
The lute by master Joseph Hellmer of Füssen, dated 1601, has been played and treasured for centuries. Countless repairs and alterations to the instrument bear witness to this. This ancient lute seems to have always attracted musicians, as it was played almost continuously throughout its history, no matter what condition it was in. The instrument was not even spared the destructive transformation into a guitarlute, as was common in the 19th century.
The lute was extensively restored by Nico van der Waals in 2019/2020. At the request of the client and owner of the instrument, the lute was made playable again. Its proportions leave open the possibility that the lute was originally an 8-course instrument. At first, the original maker of the instrument was unknown. Seven slips of paper documenting the various repairs and alterations made to the instrument, including a repair slip by the famous Johann Christian Hoffmann of Leipzig, dated 1721, were found inside the shell. However, the maker’s label was missing. That is, until it was finally found and retrieved under the repair label of a certain Alois Suter from 1860. After restoration, the label read: Joseph Hellmer, Füssen, 1601.
For this project, Sigrun Richter researched the „life story“ of Joseph Hellmer’s only surviving lute – a music-historical endeavour that is inextricably linked to the history of the town of Füssen. Here, in the cradle of European lute making, Joseph Hellmer built an instrument which, thanks to careful restoration, can now be played again 420 years after its creation. This recording presents music composed around the time of the creation of Joseph Hellmer’s lute.