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street music
compositions for the duo Slaatto Reinecke

Helge Slaatto, violin
Frank Reinecke, double bass
*Nicolai Slaatto, percussion


amb 96882
EAN 4011392968829

Nicolaus Richter de Vroe (*1955)1. Innere Wiener Strasse
Manfred Stahnke (*1951)2. Streetmusic II: Hadmut Oelke zum Gedächtnis
Erkki-Sven Tüür (*1959)3. Symbiosis
Erhan Sanri (*1957)4. Sonnenbrand hinter den Rolladen
5. Regenwurm quetscht sich durchs Nadelöhr
6. Gefühlsausbrüche for violin, double bass and percussion*
Hanna Kulenty (*1961)7. Going Up 1
Thüring Bräm (*1944)8. Aria
Wolfgang Heisig (*1952)Fünf Nadeldruckchoräle:
9. Schuhsohle
10. Entropie von Hänschen klein
11. EKG
12. Nicht hinauslehnen
13. 12 Silben für N.N.

A duo for violin and double bass?

Even musician friends can hardly hide their reaction of surprise and slight amusement when hearing about our instrumental constellation. However, how many violin and piano duos can boast so many pieces written specially for them?
The works on this CD were all composed for Frank Reinecke and myself during the last 11 years. It is a very special feeling having them all collected, like bringing one's family together, close and distant: Some are already well aquainted, other have never met before.
Helge Slaatto