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J. S. Bach
Chamber music from his own and others' pen
Volker Möller, violin; Maren Ries, violin; Claudia Steeb-Engelsmann, viola; Ariane Spiegel, violoncello; Gregor Hollmann, harpsichord;


amb 96904
EAN 4011392969048

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): Sonata in G major for two violins and basso continuo
Johann Philipp Kirnberger (1721-1783): Trio in D minor for two violins and basso continuo
Johann Sebastian Bach / Anonymus des 18 Jh.: Concerto in C-major BWV 525a for violin, violoncello and basso continuo
Johann Gottlieb Goldberg (1727-1756): Sonata in C major for two violins and basso continuo
Johann Sebastian Bach: Overture in A minor for two violins, viola and basso continuo

Even if the period of great new finds of Bach's works is over there are still many discoveries to be made in the manuscripts that have come down to us. Bach's instrumental works often exist in different versions but the reworkings do not mean that the original compositions have lost their artistic merit. One of the most recent example is the Ouverture in A minor, a reconstruction based on the Ouverture in B minor (BWV 1067).
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