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Franz Lörch, organ - Kevin Conners, tenor
Florian Klingler - Bernhard Peschl, trumpet


amb 96916
EAN 4011392969161

Harald Genzmer (1909-2007): „Lilie der Auen“ (Tenor und Orgel)
Wilfried Hiller (*1941): Tarot XVI „Turm der Zerstörung“ (Orgel)
Harald Genzmer: Kantate für Tenor und Orgel (2000)
Roland Leistner-Mayer (*1945): Fantasie über den Choral: „0 Jesus Christ, meines Lebens Licht“ op. 101 (Orgel)
Peter Jona Korn (1922-1998): Meditation op. 76 (Orgel)
Peter Jona Korn: „Andante con moto“ aus der Morgenmusik op. 54 (Trompete und Orgel)
Harald Genzmer: Finale 1999 „Hinunter ist der Sonnenschein“ (Orgel)
Robert M. Helmschrott (*1938): Sonata da chiesa (Zwei Trompeten und Orgel)

The recording presents an exciting cross section of modern bavarian church music composers. It is surprising how different compositions in the genre of organ and church music have come in to being in the past 30 years. The interpreter, too, grows in importance, otherwise the musical work (now more than ever) will remain just notes on a piece of paper. These compositions only really come into being when creative inspiration and interprative intuition begin to work together.