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The Division Violin - Part I

Ensemble Schirokko Hamburg:
Rachel Harris, violin - Barbara Messmer, viola da gamba - Andrea Cordula Baur, lute - Carsten Lohff, harpsichord


amb 96941
EAN 4011392969413

Edward Finch (1663-1738): The Cuckoo
Anon/Anon: Duke of Norfolk/Paul’s Steeple
Anthony Poole (1627-1692): A Division upon a Ground Bass
Michel Faronell (1649-1726): Division on a Ground
Frecknold (17. Jhd.): Division
Davis Mell (1605-1662)/
Thomas Baltzar (1631?-1663): John come kiss me now
George Tollett (17. Jhd.: Tollett’s Ground
John Eccles (1668-1735): Division on a Ground
Daniel Purcell (1664-1717): Chacone
Thomas Baltzar: Almond
Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713): A Solo by Sign.r. Corelli
Robert Smith (1648-1675): A Division for 2 Trebles on a Ground
Valentine Reading (?-1704): Reading’s Ground

For the first time, a young and aspiring musician has made it her task to record a cd containing a selection of the nicest pieces from John Playford’s well-known collection “The Division Violin” (1684). Along with favourites such as “John, come kiss me now” and “St Paul’s Steeple”, she presents mainly unknown treasures now for the first time on cd.
Rachel is supported by her chamber music partners, Andrea Baur (lute), Barbara Messmer (viola da gamba) and Carsten Lohff (harpsichord).
Ensemble Schirokko distinguishes itself through its virtuosic use of baroque instruments and the vivacious interpretation of the music. With utmost fantasy and rich contrast, Rachel Harris and her ensemble hold the listener spell-bound.