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Torna, deh, torna - Italian Music of the 17th century

Ensemble Metamorfosi:
Vincent Lesage, tenoro; S÷nke Tams Freier, baritono;
Katrin Krau▀, flauto dolce; Susanna Braumann, viola da gamba, lirone; Simon LinnÚ, chitarrone, liuto, chitarra spagnola; Lars Henrik Johansen, clavicembalo; Monika Mandelartz, arpa


amb 96905
EAN 4011392969055

Giulio Caccini (1550-1619) Torna, deh, torna
Giovanni G. Kapsberger (1580-1651) Toccata - Toccata Arpeggiata - Canario - Felici gl'animi
Ascanio Mayone (1565?-1627) Toccata
Sigismondo D'India (1580-1629) Orfeo
Giovanni G. Kapsberger Passacaglia
Pierre Sandrin (1490-1561) Douce memoire
Orlando di Lasso (1532-1594) Bon jour, mon cŻur
Sigismondo D'India Canto de Rossignolo
Benedetto Ferrari (1597-1681) Ciacona
Alessandro Piccinini (1566-1638) Partite variate sopra: quest' Aria francese - detta L'Alemana
Corrente sopra L'Alemana
Giovanni G. Kapsberger Quel sol
Andrea Falconieri (1586-1656) Passacaglia

In the early C17th, Europe's culture was going though extreme changes... The previously unchallenged leadership of the Catholic Church is put to question, new scientific discoveries disprove the previously accepted view of the world and universe, and political conflicts ravage the whole of Europe.
In music, these changes are reflected in new ways of thinking, the insecurity of the times in a stark change in the style. The rules of polyphony, over the centuries steadily rising to a high art, are consciously broken; the use of text and the declamatory use of rhythm give music now a subjective character - the beauty and expressivity of dissonances and virtuosity is discovered. Excess rules the upper class and the pinnacle of the new art is the opera.
Originating in Italy, the fundaments of this new style expand very quickly to the rest of Europe. The music in our program "Torna, deh, torna" covers various different styles of music in the early 17 th; music written in a more traditional way, folk music and also compositions stretching the border of good taste.