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world wide bass

christine hoock, double bass; barbara nußbaum, grand piano; glen moore, double bass; didi lowka, double bass & percussion; andreas hinterseher, accordion


amb 96930
EAN 4011392969307

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992): Libertango (Argentina)
Erdal Tugcular (*1961): Colours of Anatolia (Turkey)
Kozaburo Hirai (*1910): Nara Yama (Japan)
Rabih Abou-Khalil (*1957): You take my slippers, I´ll take my socks (Lebanon)
Ralph Towner (*1940): Distant hills (USA)
Didi Lowka: Giovanni Tranquillo (Germany)
Astor Piazzolla: Floras Game (Argentina)
Arni Egilsson (*1939): Völukvæđi - The Sibyl’s Prophecy (Iceland)
Traditional: Miserlou (Arabia)
Arni Egilsson: To Dorette (Iceland/USA)

With its versatility the double bass joins together the most diverse worlds and people. And not just because, when travelling with it, people constantly come up and talk to you or, when touring as a duo, we always feel as though, really, there are three of us and we are bound to be the last people clearing customs at the airport. This amazing instrument is fascinating with its variety of tone-colours and its ability to communicate on so many musical levels.
Like with our Contrabajisimo CD we decided to leave the standard and everyday paths of classical bass playing behind. Filled with musical wanderlust and curiosity we searched for new horizons and, in Glen Moore, Dietmar Lowka, and Andreas Hinterseher, found inspiring travelling companions who were just as inquisitive as we were.
We ventured into uncharted terrain and discovered entrancing melodies and rhythms, which reveal the soul of their country of origin: The magical landscapes of a Fata Morgana, the sound of a mystical soothsayer’s prophecies, and the march of the dwarfs on Icelandic soil, the blooming landscapes of Anatolia and Japan, the oriental rhythm of life in the alleyways of Beirut, the idyllic peace and quiet of the Oregon valleys, the serene beauty and intimacy/proximity of my adopted Bavarian domicile, all the way to the pulsating hustle and melancholic flair of Buenos Aires …
I am particularly delighted that Rabih Abou-Khalil, Arni Egilsson, and Erdal Tugcular dedicated their compositions to me. Christine Hoock