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Johann Sebastian Bach: METAMORPHOSE
Bach‘s lost trio sonatas
Reconstruction of presumed original version

MAREN RIES violin; VOLKER MÍLLER violin; ARIANE SPIEGEL violoncello; MARK EDWARDS harpsichord


amb 95606
EAN 4011392956062

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): SONATA G MINOR BWV 1029 for two violins and basso continuo
SONATA D MAJOR BWV 1028 for two violins and basso continuo
SONATA D MINOR BWV 1043 for two violins and basso continuo
SONATA A MAJOR BWV 1015 for two violins and basso continuo

Bach‘s lost trio sonatas
As early as the 20th century, musicology found that some of Bach’s compositional structures clearly show that it is based on transcriptions. NeoBarock now makes these findings audible and presents the reconstructions of presumed original versions of the famous double concerto for two violins (BWV 1043), the violin sonata in A major (BWV 1015) and the two viola da gamba sonatas in D major and G minor (BWV 1028 and 1029). A groundbreaking new discovery in Bach’s chamber music oeuvre in the innovative interpretations of NeoBarock.
An informative booklet text in German, English, French and Russian explains the background.