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Gabriele Rossmanith, soprano
Ensemble Acht:
Bjorn Westlund, flute; Annette Schäfer, Bogdan Dumitrascu, violin; Thomas Rühl, viola; Ingo Zander, violoncello; Stefan Schäfer, double bass; Frank Polter, percussion; Eberhard Hasenfratz, piano;


amb 95603
EAN 4011392956031

Stefan Schäfer (*1963): Gentlemen (2010/11)
based on words from Ror Wolf for soprano, flute, violoncello and piano
Blue Heart (2014/15)
according poems from Gertrud Kolmar for soprano, two violins, viola, violoncello und double bass
Songs of the Moon [2013J
according poems from Max Dauthendey for soprano, violin, viola, violoncello und double bass
Once upon a time [2001/02J
based on words from Daniil Charms for soprano, flute, double bass and Percussion

Composer Stefan Schäfer has an indisputable „affinity for images“. As a theatre musician and even more so as the principal bass player of the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra, his music is alive as theatrical performance, as images, associations - as part of an inspiring total work of art which responds to our world, our thoughts, illusions and, perhaps most importantly, to our questions.
Schäfer´s catalogue of compositions includes numerous works for his own instrument as well as songs, chamber music and orchestral works which have been performed at renowned concert halls and won composition prizes in England and the USA.
The present song cycle reflects Schäfer´s fascination with poetry and theatre as well as chamber music. He ist often seduced by the vibrant colours of ensemble acht in various formations. Above that, Gabriele Rossmanith, Kammersängerin of the Hamburg State Opera, sings and whispers, soars and narrates.
The recording explores the humorous aspects just as the underlying darkness of the lyrics by Ror Wolf and Daniil Charms. The mysterious and lunar impressions of the poetry by Max Dauthendey are being translated into a delicate atmosphere of the Parisian Fin du Siecle.
The poems of young Gertrud Kolmar, made of simpleness and ease just as expressive profoundness, have also caught the composers attention. „For me her poems are fascinating by her subtle inflection and imaginative richness“, Schäfer says.